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Volusion to Shopify Migration

Volusion to Shopify

Simplest Guide to a Complete Volusion to Shopify Migration

Volusion and Shopify are two popular members of eCommerce management systems. Both are website builders and enable business owners to create and manage their online stores. Each eCommerce management system has its own set of characteristics, performance, and integrated functionality. Still, there are several compelling reasons for a person to consider a Volusion to Shopify migration.

The difference Volusion and Shopify have is crucial if considered from the eCommerce perspective. If you need a quick and straightforward Volusion to Shopify migration, visit Cart2Cart, one of the most popular importer tools, to get a free demonstration.


Why Migrate from Volusion to Shopify?

Volusion compared to Shopify benefits business owners less. So, switching your web store from Volusion to Shopify can boost the overall performance. It’s no surprise, given that the platform has established itself as the top eCommerce solution in the modern site design industry. This fact confirms the platform’s dependability and professionalism, prompting web store owners to migrate to the platform.

Shopify is ideal for all sorts of eCommerce projects. It also caters to a wide range of user demands, regardless of web design competency or knowledge level. The system enables you to launch small and large-scale virtual businesses, each with its own product assortment, specialty, administration, security, and promotion options.

How to Migrate Volusion to Shopify?

If you want to switch from Volusion to Shopify, follow the steps outlined below. This is an effective way to ensure that all of the necessary stages are completed with optimum efficiency.

Backup the Store and Open Shopify Account

The first step of the Volusion to Shopify migration is to make sure that all the data of your current web store have a backup. After transferring the site, if any data go missing, the backup will come in handy to store those data in the new store. After storing all the data, you have to open an account on the Shopify official site. The process is simple, and you can do it yourself.

Export Your Store

Here, you have to export all the store entities like integrations, products, customers, and orders. Volusion dashboard lets users export all these data in CSV format. To transfer customers from Volusion to Shopify, you have to export customers’ data from your existing site’s dashboard. You also have to consider the migration of SEO URLs.

Import Entities

After exporting, all these data need to be imported to the new store. You can do it simply by going to the admin panel and select the import data option from there. It will let you upload the CSV file of an entity. For example, to import orders from Volusion, import the CSV file for the orders’ data.

Check Product Organization

Another crucial step is to make sure of the proper store transfer to Shopify. The step will tell you all the required solutions for a missing data situation. If you are not sure that the product migrating process has been completed accurately, use an inventory application to make a product database.

Store Customization

Once you have completed transferring the entire site, you should now put focus on its customization process. Shopify allows access to various types of design settings. Explore through them and choose the ones that are aligned to your store and its functionality.

Importer Tool

The manual store import procedure might get hard for you if you don’t have any relevant technical knowledge. In such conditions, you can use an important tool to ease down and automate the overall exporting and importing phases. It can be done simply by opening an account to an automated migration service. There you have to set the source site, which is Volusion in this case, and the target site, which is Shopify, this time. After setting the sites, you have to just hit the import button, and the importer tool will take care of the entire migration formalities.

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How to Switch from Volusion To Shopify?

The migration can be done manually or using an importer tool like Cart2Cart.

How to Transfer Website?

By exporting all the entities one by one, you can transfer your website.

How to Export Products?

Export the CSV file for all the products’ data from the current store. Then import the file to the new store.

How to Migrate Without Losing SEO?

Several redirection methods can ensure losing less traffic. Utilize different link redirect strategies to build strong SEO.

How Setup a Datafeed?

Built-in or third-party inventory applications of plugins let users create and maintain ideal Datafeed.

How to Import Customers?

Export the CSV file for all the customers’ data from the current store. Then import the file to the new store.

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